I’m Lyra Wenchford – A mesmerizing Renaissance sorceress with a hint of Shakespearean charm. I seamlessly move across a variety of settings, from charming renaissance festivals to massive multinational conferences.  

Whether you’re looking for a relatively mundane or extraordinarily magical experience, I am a sophisticated San Francisco-based companion who can provide it all. I am an endearing paradox, with an air of refined simplicity belying my secret minx. As much as I love reading historical fiction and fantasy novels, I also take great pleasure in keeping up with politics and the global forces that shape our life.  Whether it\’s going on a remote camping trip or just cuddling up in bed with you, I love to be present and make the most of every moment. The best memories are made when we let our senses guide us on a journey all our own. 

Adapting to any setting is second nature to me, so I can fit in wherever you want me to go. Currently, I am working on improving my Arabic skills, and I am also fluent in Russian, English, and French. Not only do I have remarkable language skills, but my charisma and personality also have an irresistible effect on others who are enchanted by me.

I take great delight in being myself, and I’ve been told time and time again how welcoming and reassuring I am. I have traveled to many parts of the globe, have a wicked sense of humor, and love nothing more than to captivate people around me. Just as much as I enjoy secret rendezvous in intimate locations, I love the excitement of engaging in lively banter over a delicious dinner. Never fear, discretion is my first priority.

When the situation calls for it, I can be charming, spontaneous, and even a little bit mischievous. I have a knack for playful mischief and exude an enchantment that is hard to resist when I’m out and about. Where sensual delights are concerned, my heart longs for the deep connection and hypnotic attraction that develops when two spirits meet in a passion fueled embrace. Permit me to lavish you with my complete attention while I transport you from the ordinary to a fantastical realm.

Shall we embark on a journey all our own?